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7 Steps to Be a Good Nanny

Updated: 12/6/2017 | 10:16:02 AM

In Vietnam in general, in Hanoi in particular, more and more parents are turning to nannies to watch their children while they work.

1. Find a good family! 

This is the most important and often the most difficult step. Even though it seems easy to find a family. You have to remember to pick a family whose values are not in conflict to your own (are they very religious, while you're less so? do they smoke/drink too much or often for your liking?) and one who will treat you like a partner.

2. Age of kids! 

Not everyone will be able to work with infants and teenagers. There are distinct differences between child ages, each with different needs, and you may find out that you simply work better with one or two, but can't quite grasp the entire scope.

3. Good at cooking.

 Working with children often involves preparing simple meals and snacks, so a basic knowledge of cooking is required to be a competent babysitter. It's also a good idea to cook with your children, if they're the right age, as it can be a fun project for you and for them!

4. Know how to appropriately discipline. 

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Children will often make a bad decision or two and, as a nanny, it is your job to enact the appropriate disciplinary measures. Remember that no child is bad -- they just don't know how to do the right thing, and need your help to learn how. Warn them once, letting them know what will happen if they don't follow directions. Warn them again, more forcefully, and tell them that the next time they disobey they will get their punishment. Finally, enact the punishment -- for the younger children, time-outs are a good option, as well as removing an item if it is causing the problem. Make sure the time-outs/loss of an item are for just as long as the severity of the disobedience. For the older children, losing privileges or "time-outs" in their room are good options as well.

5. Talk to the parents.

Your employers will want to know what the children have been up to, so be sure to tell them all their child's/children's accomplishments, all the fun you had, and any negative spots. Give them some insight into how their kids are during the day, outside of the parental scope.

6. They're your kids now, too!

Love and be pround of them. Give them a reason to look forward to your visits. Make sure they know that, even if you put them in time-out or take away their T.V. privilege, you still care about them and want the best for them. Help them learn things, coach them through the difficult parts, and celebrate their successes. Be silly with them and talk to them like they're people, because they understand much more than many people think.

Do activities relevant to their interests. Find something fun and creative that also helps them learn. Go out for walks, to the park, or to a museum. Get them active, then go home and read a book. Help them with things that are difficult. Make sure, with any child any age, to talk to them in their language. 

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