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Things that the maid needs to prepare

Updated: 3/6/2017 | 3:46:55 PM

Maid jobs are like other jobs, they also have their own characteristics needing specific requirements.

The more modern life is, the more need for maids is. Families nowadays usually look for experienced and agile domestic workers who know how to use modern equipments and have good work skills.

Maids for rent in Hanoi

Maids for rent in Hanoi

Therefore, the criteria for choosing maids are increasing. At present, some prestigious maid agencies in Hanoi offer the followinging criteria:
A qualified maid must be a professional who is honest, gentle, hardworking, careful and good at housework in the home.
1. Honesty:
Every job needs this character. And maid job is not an exception. For housework, this is one of important elements for homeowners to choose a maid for the home. If maids are honest, they can work more long  with the homeowners.
2. Experienced
When the maids have experience, they will quickly get used to the work in the family without much advise. Especially with a professional maid, the homeowner is willing to pay a high salary rather than an inexperienced, lazy, or chatty maid.
The salary range is from 3.5 million to 4 million. In addition, the maid may receive bonus 1 month salary (per year).
Maids have to: have basic skills in housework, such as: cleaning of apartment buildings, cooking skills. Especially, it's pretty awsome if they know how to cook foreign dishes, wash clothes of newborns, distinguish clothes that can not be washed by washing machines, know how to use modern domestic equipments.
If they are maids of foreign families, they should be aware basically of the language or English at least.
3. Carefulness:
No homeowners wants to hire a careless maid. The carefulness shows how whole-hearted a maid is. They should be careful in talkingto score points in owners
4.Long term working
Nowadays, families who hire a maid are more likely to find long-term maids who is less to return to their hometown. Finding a new maid afterwards takes times to teach them housework, cooking. As for the maid who wishes to have more days off, it will make the life of the landlord soar so no homeowner wants to help with many holidays.