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How to manage a maid at home

Updated: 20/6/2017 | 9:40:31 AM

Currently, the need to choose a good housekeeper is essential for many families. But families are also very disturbed in managing their maids when they are not at home, making sure they are asked to work with a maid.

A few tips may then answer the questions you have

1. Contract between the landlord and the maid.

The signing of the contract also ensures the right order between the tenant and the lessee, avoiding breaking the law as well as ensure the comfort between the two parties, in addition to the contract also helps the assurance of peace of mind. Benefit from both sides, it also helps us avoid legal trouble for employers.

2. Arrange a clear daily, weekly, monthly schedule for the maid.

Detailed scheduling allows us not to worry about managing the maid, not afraid of forgetting what the Vietnamese helpers do during the day, without the need for daily tasks, ensuring that we get rid of the burden of helpers. Do nothing, or forget about it.

Maids for rent in Hanoi

Maids for rent in Hanoi

3. Install camera tracking the whole house:

The installation of the camera to ensure the security of the family, so the family should install the camera system to observe not only with the help but also theft prevention.

However, this surveillance also requires skillful and sophisticated installation to ensure the comfort of the maids as well as their privacy, and they do not feel comfortable communicating.

4. Confirmed worth the effort they put out.

With maids who have the capacity and energy, we also need to pay the worthy money for what they have sacrificed. The fact that we pay them is also a way to motivate them, as well as to show the family's recognition of what they have contributed to the host.

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