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Choosing suitable maids

Updated: 21/6/2017 | 2:56:43 PM

People become more and more busy with modern life and work, cooking, cleaning the house , this makes everyone especially the women in the family more and more tired.

Therefore, the need to hire a maid in Hanoi is increasing. But it is very difficult for families to choose the right person for their family andt here are some tips you can follow:

1.      Hire a maid through reliable portals.

Today, fraudulent trickery increasingly sophisticated in various ways, the selection of reliable sources is extremely necessary. Through trusted information channels (ask your relatives for help, contact famous centers, reputation). If you intend to rent long term, you should also arrange to visit home.  This not only shows your concern to the maids but also knows their family circumstances to avoid unfortunate circumstances, while giving you the peace of mind to hand over your children and house keys.

Maids for hire in Hanoi

Maids for hire in Hanoi

2. Choose a healthy maid.

This is the second most important factor. You should find a strong maid, not sick. Especially for families with young children, you need to keep this in mind. You can ask for a medical certificate in application or get your family member for a medical examination.

3. Hire experienced, professional maids.

  You do not usually have too much time to instruct new maids how to use modern household items so you should hire professional and experienced assistants who can use the equipments and know how to organize, arrange work in the most scientific way. 

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